Devin LeTroy Powell <3’s His Mom This Valentine’s Weekend

Laughter runs in this family.


Devin LeTroy Powell was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up here in Austin, Texas. He describes himself as being that kid who could not stand still and always wanted to be into everything. Now, he tries his hand at music and performs comedy.

The set of questions I like to ask aspiring comics are usually the same; “What is drawing you to comedy? Who are your influences?” Devin only had one person in mind; his mother Cymone Love.

“What drew me into comedy was my mother. Back in the 90’s she performed at open mics and entered the Funniest Person in Austin competition. She moved on to the next round but didn’t make it to the semi-finals. “  Shortly thereafter, she walked away from it.

A few years ago, Devin encouraged his mom to give comedy a try again. “Come on mom, we’re a humorous family. If you sign up, I’ll sign up. We went to CapCity, signed up, and had a really good time.” He has been preforming on and off since then.  Devin has recently started hosting what he calls “The Comedy Loot: It’s In The Bag”. I attended the first of this series and it was then I got to see Cymone, who was a surprise addition, kill the crowd.  I didn’t catch Cymone on camera however it was apparent that night as to why Devin looks up to her.

You can watch both mother and son perform this Saturday, February 15th at 9:00 p.m. at Mister Tramps, located on 8565 Research Blvd. Cover is $5, $8 for couple.

Other comedians scheduled to perform are:

Lane Krarup (Host of Story Fellers Podcast with Pat Dean), Mike Swenson (Host of Svante’s Stuffed Showcase @The Gatsby), Allen Edwin Butt (Host of Allen Edwin Butt), and Trey Durant (he was also at the last Comedy Loot and is his own unique brand of hilarious).



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