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Network Like a Rockstar At the SXSW #BASHH

We talk to #BASHH co-founder Lani Rosales about one of the biggest networking events of the year.

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We've mentioned #BASHH (aka the Big A** Social Happy Hour) before and we're big fans of the monthly event here at Austin.com. However, every March, the event organizers turn it up a notch . After all, it's around the same time as a little event called South By Southwest - you may have heard of that.

While one of the most active and popular regular events in Austin, #BASHH has undergone a number of changes since it began officially in 2007. Back then, it was known as #BATHH (or Big A** Twitter Happy Hour) and even that wasn't it's original incarnation.

"It was the first TweetUp in Austin," Lani Rosales, co-founder of #BASHH, told us, "It was just a handful of us that got together at Waterloo Icehouse because we felt weird that we were all so close on Twitter, but hadn't met in person." From that point, she told us, it grew, lost the "TweetUp" tag and became #BATHH. The name change to #BASHH came about in order to let non-Twitter users feel more welcome to attend.

"We started the event as a way to connect the online and offline worlds and to help locals meet each other in a non-smarmy atmosphere where no one is selling them garbage or making them recite lines or listen to a lame speaker," Rosales said, "We invented it for ourselves, to be completely honest - it's what we wished already existed but didn't."

#BASHH has seen venue changes and different sponsors over the years, but the one constant has been that it is volunteer run. No one (except for maybe the venue it's being held in) is making a profit on the event - it's strictly for the betterment of the professional community in Austin. As they proudly proclaim, "it's a laid back social gathering where friends come first and business comes later."

Which brings us to March's event, their biggest of the year - and for good reason. While not an official SXSW event, it is being held on March 6th at The Brew Exchange - the day before SXSW begins. This is the event that sees the most out-of-town attendees, making for even more fun and more networking opportunities.

The official statement from Rosales:

"The upcoming BASHH will be our biggest of the year, and has been the city's welcome to everyone coming to visit for several conferences during the week. Brew Exchange will remain our venue, as we support local businesses that support the BASHH scene - it's a win-win! What people need to know is that it is going to be packed, fun, a little louder than normal, but 112.3% more fun than a normal BASHH. Think of this upcoming event as a regular BASHH that ate like a ton of Pixie Stix and has access to a trampoline and beer."

If that sounds like your kind of gig, grab your business cards, get a designated driver, put on your party hat and prepare to have a blast on March 6th.

#BASHH is FREE, with or without a SXSW badge! Make sure you get in by RSVPing here today!

The Brew Exchange

706 W. 6th St.


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