The Mystery of the South Congress Castle Revealed

To the surprise of no one, the castle being built on S. Congress Ave. turns out to be a geek paradise.

Thanks to Free Fun In Austin for the heads up (and the photo).

If you've been down on South Congress lately, you may have noticed the castle in the photo above being built. Even in a city as weird as Austin, this can come across as a little strange. Who built it? What's it for? It's almost like an urban Stonehenge. Except, when you learn the actual truth, it is so much cooler than Stonehenge.

Introducing SFANTHOR (which stands for Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror), a shop that specializes in "the unusual, the cool, the just plain weird". The shop will be selling comics, t-shirts, games, collectibles, memorabilia and more.

If you're worried that it's still not going to be weird enough for Austin, fear not. SFANTHOR is owned by Steve Busti - the man who also owns and operated the Austin Museum of the Weird on 6th St. downtown. That's good enough for us.

This Saturday, March 1st, SFANTHOR will open their doors for the first time from 11am to 6pm. Visitors will not only get a chance to browse and purchase the cool stuff contained within the castle walls, they'll get to meet Mr. Busti himself, who will be explaining the plans and vision for the store moving forward.

To get a better idea of what the store is like, pay a visit to their Facebook page


1101 S. Congress Ave.



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