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Upcoming Events at the Paramount Theater

The legendary theater in downtown Austin announces some special upcoming attractions this weekend and beyond.

The Paramount Theater in downtown Austin is set to get a workout with South By Southwest right around the corner. Before that madness kicks in, however, they've sent out word about a few more, shall we say, "easy going" events over the next week or so. 

Mardi Gras is right around the corner, as well, and what better way to get psyched for it than some good, old fashioned New Orleans jazz? The Friday, February 21st, the Paramount presents the Preservation Hall Jazz Band straight from the French Quarter itself. It's a one-night-only performance, so if it's your bag, you'll want to get tickets now.

Since 1995, Ira Glass has been hosting and producing This American Life, one of the most popular and successful public radio programs ever. On Saturday, February 22nd, he comes to the Paramount for an evening of storytelling. Relating tales both from and about the show, those attending the show can rest assured that Glass will have plenty to keep you entertained.

Ira Glass shares the same last name as jazz musician Phillip Glass and on Wednesday, February 26th, two other jazz musicians will be performing at the Paramount (I had to reach pretty far to make that transition but, doggone it, I did it). Legendary jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis teams up with possibly-as-legendary-we're-not-sure jazz guitarist/vocalist John Pizzarelli to celebrate the works of legendary-and-we're-sure-of-it-this-time singer Nat King Cole. In all seriousness, both of these musicians are excellent and should more than do justice to the late crooner's work.

Doors open on all shows at 7pm and start at 8pm on their respective nights. To get tickets, head over to austintheater.org or ring them up at 512-47-1221.

The Paramount Theater

713 Congress Ave.


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