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UPDATED - Go Fly a Kite This Weekend - Zilker Kite Festival


Kites! (photo via Flickr Community Commons

Update 3/9/14 - According the the Zilker Kite Festival Facebook page, the festival has been cancelled altogether,

Update: According to the Austin Statesman, the festival has been postponed to the 9th. Here is the announcement:

"Threats of severe weather have led officials to postpone Zilker Kite Festival to its rain date on March 9.

A low pressure system expected to move through the Austin area Sunday is threatening to create isolated thunderstorms that could turn severe, the National Weather Service said.

Officials made the decision to postpone the festival at about 2:45 p.m."

There are fewer things more relaxing than standing out in a meadow, enjoying the warm breeze and watching your kite soar in the sky. So, why not enjoy it with a number of your fellow Austinites? On March 2nd, come on over to Zilker Park and take part in the Zilker Kite Festival.

In 1929, the Exchange Club of Austin started what they called the first "Kite Tournament" as an effort to encourage creativity among the city's children. Since then, it has evolved into the free, all ages Kite-stravoganza (trademark pending) that we've come to know and love.

Literally hundreds of kites fill the skies above Zilker park, so even without a kite of your own, the sight alone is worth the trip. 

Zilker Kite Festival 2011 (photo via Flickr Community Commons)

Of course, a festival is more than just a bunch of people standing in a park. There will be numerous contests for all age groups, including a 50 Yard Dash (while flying a kite, of course) for kids to prizes for categories such as "Smallest Kite", "Largest Kite", "Most Unusual Kite" and "Strongest Kite". Handmade kites only, however - manufactured kites will not be allowed to compete (you can still bring one to fly for fun, however). You can read all the rules here

There will also be a number of booths set up around the park offering food, drinks, face painting, souvenirs and competitive rates on home mortgages (probably. There usually are at things like this). 

The festival opens at 10am on March 2nd and runs until 5pm. Click here to get directions and parking information. On the off chance it rains, the festival will be moved to March 9th. If it rains then, well, I don't know what to tell you.

For more details, check out the official Zilker Kite Festival page.


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