GameSalad: Austin Makes Creating Indie Games Easier

GameSalad is paving the way for easy-to-make games for most smart phones.

Since 2007, GameSalad, Inc.—formerly Gendai Games—has focused its attention on the ever-expanding market of smart phones and tablets. Started in Austin by Michael Agustin, Dan Treiman, and Tan Tran, GameSalad now has a new CEO who once managed media strategies for Disney, a second full sized studio in Los Angeles, and a worldwide fan base.  Their title product, GameSalad, debuted in 2009. With an easy to understand design, this tool allows users to create, customize, publish, and even sell their game to the millions of smart phone owners. Although at first glance these touch-based games seem to only have a whimsical approach, a way for people to create silly games for themselves and friends, certain enthusiastic creators have developed intriguing and rather satisfying app games one would gladly spend a few bucks to own, all under the boundaries of GameSalad’s interface.

One of the most outstanding, and frankly quite shocking, GameSalad creations comes from the mind of an eleven year old boy, Conner Haines, who creates games based on the ideas of children suffering from cancer. One such game sold more than 1,400 copies, allowing Conner to donate the money to the children in need. The Alamo Drafthouse, in association with GameSalad, used the program as a marketing technique by creating a game to promote their film Hobo With A Shotgun.

The industry of game creation is expanding at a rate that most industries wish to achieve. In this ascension, GameSalad proves itself to be a promising compromise for those that enjoy games, which to create one, but do not possess the know-all. So get on over to, download the app, and try your hand creating the next great app game.


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