University of Texas Tower

UT Tower symbolizes Austin pride and so much more.

Standing at a—well, towering—307 feet, the Main Building of the University of Texas campus, known as The Tower or UT Tower, is a beautifully maintained structure, one that is significant to the essence of Austin.  Students on campus often use the Tower as a guide point, a branching off point to find buildings and remember class locations. Citizens of Austin regard the Tower as a symbol of pride, a tome to the success of the University, as well as the city. But without a complete visit to the UT Tower, it is hard to fully appreciate the pure awe-inspiring aspect of such a structure.

Began in 1934 and completed in three years, this twenty eight story tower has served as a watchful guardian to those below. Its massive clock face never let’s anyone forget the time. During one of the many sports season, one will commonly see the Tower lit up orange, signifying a win. This happens quite often.  Also, from the top of the tower every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12:50pm chimed the carillon bells, played by UT alumni Tom Anderson. Lucky listeners might hear such fun tunes as Eyes of Texas, Happy Birthday, or themes from Star Wars, Charlie Brown, and Super Mario Brothers.

The UT Tower’s observation deck has seen some difficulties since its opening. After a closing several time and a bout of heavy reconstruction, the deck is now once again open. Visitors can traverse elevator and stairs to the summit and onto the observation deck, taking in a spectacular 360 degree view of the entire city. After its recent reconstruction, visitors with disabilities can now take the same journey up to the top of the Tower. Also, there is a beautiful garden and landscape, complete with various statues, that surround the Tower, allowing visitors a nice stroll once they are back on the ground.

For more information on the Tower, including observation deck schedule and tours, visit

University of Texas Tower

2300 Inner Campus Dr.


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