10 Street Art Pick-Me-Ups You Didn't Know You Needed

When life gets you down, let graffiti cheer you up!

Well-known for its quirky street art, and especially the HOPE Outdoor Gallery on 11th & Baylor, Austin is brimming with graffiti and murals bearing uplifting messages about perseverance, love, and more.

So, for all those in need of encouragement, we've compiled a list of ten of Austin's most encouraging street artworks to brighten your day! 

Jeremiah cares about your feelings.

21st & Guadalupe. Flickr Creative Commons.

You can change the world.

Lady Bird Lake. Flickr Creative Commons.

"You can stand under my umbrella," says the happy little skeleton.

HOPE Outdoor, 11th & Baylor. Flickr Creative Commons.

Take deep breaths (like the artist did while painting this). 

Lamar Train Bridge. Flickr Creative Commons.

Just keep chomping.

Lamar Train Bridge. Flickr Creative Commons.

Let all adorable little owlets agree: it's going to be okay.

HOPE Outdoor, 11th & Baylor. Flickr Creative Commons.

It's as easy as 1-2. 

HOPE Outdoor, 11th & Baylor. Flickr Creative Commons.

Just when you thought no one cares. 

HOPE Outdoor, 11th & Baylor. Flickr Creative Commons.


You are loved.

Jo's Coffee, 1300 S. Congress. Flickr Creative Commons.

We mean it!

I-35. Flickr Creative Commons.


For more information about the HOPE Outdoor Gallery, check out this article we published last May. Note: The murals at the HOPE gallery change frequently, so most of the murals featured above are no longer on display. However, you'll still find a good deal of other inspiring pieces if you visit. 


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