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3 Ways to Enjoy SXSW Without a Badge

Who says you need a badge to enjoy SXSW? There are so many events that don't require it.

You really don't need a badge to experience SXSW. While you will obviously miss out on many shows, films and interactive events without one, you can still enjoy countless other events.

Here are three ways to enjoy SXSW without a badge.

1.) Buy film tickets individually

Did you know you can theoretically get into any SXSW film without a badge?
As pointed out on the SXSW website, “If any seats remain, single-admission tickets will be sold for $10 starting 15 minutes before showtime.”

Of course, if it’s a small theatre or there’s a big name actor in the film, your chances of getting in decrease, as it’s bound to fill up. But may as well try!

2.) Go to the free day shows

Many bands and musicians play free day shows before their evening badge-requiring shows. Check out the SXSW free page and be sure to check the social media pages of your favorite band and musicians to see if they’re doing it.

How can you pass up free? Just don’t expect a free show from big acts like Lady Gaga (who is, surprisingly, playing SXSW this year).

3.) Enjoy the many unofficial events


They may not be officially recognized by SXSW, but there are several unofficial SXSW events during SXSW, which will have both badge-holder and non-badge-holder attendees. AKA, you won’t even be able to tell the difference between this and an official event, aside from the fact that it doesn’t require a badge and might be free.

Just Google “SXSW unofficial” to find unofficial SXSW events. You may be surprised at how many there are and how quality some of these events are. Whether it’s a party, a panel or a show, you can’t go wrong with unofficial SXSW events.

See: no badge required to enjoy SXSW. Why are you still sitting there? Go revel in this magnificent festival immediately!


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