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Cult Favorite Fateful Findings Finds Its Way Back To Austin

On March 22nd and March 28th, the latest, greatest cult classic comes to the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz.

Some day, the name Neil Breen will be mentioned in the same breath as John Waters, David Lynch, Alex Cox, Troy Duffy and Tommy Wiseau. All of these directors began their directing careers making weird, unusual, outside-the-box independent movies of varying degrees of quality and who are all known for directing at least one "cult classic".*

Breen's latest, Fateful Findings, which had its first Austin screening two years ago at the Butt-Numb-A-Thon film festival, is finally returning to our town.

Fateful Findings finds itself among the fine tradition of "Midnight Movies" such as the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Showgirls, Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Room. The film - written, directed, produced by and starring Las Vegas businessman-turned-filmmaker Neil Breen - revolves around the life of a successful author who finds himself granted paranormal abilities after suffering a near-fatal accident. He begins using these abilities to discover and reveal the darkest government and corporate secrets, all the while trying to navigate the various relationships in his life.

So, that sounds pretty cool, right? In any other director's hands, this would be a bland studio film or an "indie darling" some Hollywood A-lister would attach themselves to in order to gain credibility. In the hands of Breen, however, it's an oddball, lunatic masterpiece. And we do mean "masterpiece". Check out the trailer:

If you still doubt the awesomeness that this film can provide, listen to Devin Faraci of Badass Digest:

Some people don't understand what the fascination with these sorts of films are - they assume it's all just laughing at incompetent filmmaking. While there is an element of that... what really makes [Breen's films] unique is that they're pure works. They aren't garbage like Sharknado, intended to be tongue in cheek and hit a mainstream audience... [H]e was saying something. He has a point of view and an aesthetic.

Or just listen to Buzzfeed. Or i09. Or Twitchfilm.

Breen, himself, is a very open and approachable filmmaker, who loves interacting with his fans online on both his and the film's Facebook pages. There's even an unofficial Neil Breen fan page that may or may not have been started by this reporter (I ain't sayin').

But, what you really want to know is, "how can I see this masterpiece?" Good question. It's showing at the Alamo Ritz downtown on March 22nd and 28th (that's a Saturday and a Friday, 11:30pm and midnight, respectively). Tickets have been going at a fairly brisk pace. While that does mean you'll want to grab yours soon, it also means that you'll be able to see this gem with a group of like-minded movie buffs in one of the finest theaters in town.

Don't waste another minute. Get your tickets now and get ready for a movie experience like you not only have never had before, you never imagined you'd have.

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*The phrase "cult classic" gets tossed around a lot when it comes to movies. It seems that any independent film with a reasonable following gets slapped with the "cult" tag. I'm certainly not here to argue the definition of the phrase - because I have a more pressing agenda and, besides, how boring a conversation would that be? But, when I refer to Fateful Findings as a "cult classic" (or, at the very least, a "soon-to-be cult classic"), I'm not just talking about something the Weinsteins produced and spent a lot of money to have it win awards and such (oooh, that's right, I'm pushing some real buttons over here!).

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