Geek Date Night- BYOB Doctor Who Painting Class at Painting With a Twist

Painting, wine and science fiction - Painting With a Twist in North Austin has your geeky date night covered.

For couples looking for something different to do on a date night, a class of some sort can be an interesting choice. Cooking classes at Whole Foods, for example, are particularly popular. If it's a lesson that someone in the couple isn't interested in, however, it takes a little extra persuading to reel them in. Painting With a Twist knows exactly what that perfect "little extra" is - booze.

Well, OK, not exactly. And not exclusively, either. Painting With a Twist offers nightly painting classes with various themes and, most significantly, a BYOB policy. That's right, bring your own beer, wine and food and learn to paint. PWaT will provide cups, ice, things to keep the ice in, plates and more (bring your own silverware). 

While you're relaxing and downing Merlot or Colt .45 (beverage choice are not limited to these), you'll also be learning to paint something awesome - in the case of the March 25th class (7-9 pm), you'll be learning, step-by-step, how to paint the TARDIS, the iconic time machine of The Doctor in the classic TV series Doctor Who.

This painting event is open to anyone 15 years of age or older, but you do need to be 21 or older in order to drink alcohol. For more information about the TARDIS event or to make reservations (the cost is $35 per person), check out the details here. For more information on Painting with a twist, that information is here.

Painting With a Twist

8820 Burnet Rd.


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