No, Don't Get Up! Let Couch Potato Austin Get It.

From beer and wine to cereal and hot soup, Couch Potato Austin will bring what you need right to your door.

Photo courtesy of Couch Potato Austin

Let's be honest. If we counted the number of times we've said "Man, I wish I could just get someone to deliver that", we'd be here all day. In almost any other city, you'd be out of luck. But, this is Austin, a city that has the stones to ask "You know what? Why can't that be delivered?" The response may make some of you want to hold onto what you're sitting on.

Couch Potato Austin call themselves the "convenience store to your door", a service that will being you anything from everything you need to whip up a healthy breakfast to that bottle of red wine you need for that romantic dinner you're too busy cooking to go get. Got the flu? CPA will rush a bottle of NyQuil and some chicken soup to your door. Out of beer and snacks for your party. CPA will make the beer run for you.

They also provide gift baskets, in case you forgot Mother's Day. Again. (photo courtesy of Couch Potato Austin.)

"I love that I live in a city that will deliver anything I want right to my door when I'm sick or lazy," recent Austin resident Amy Moloney said after having some essentials delivered while fighting seasonal allergies. Whatever your ailment, CPA has a remedy - everything from Midol to cough drops to antacid to condoms (which we suppose whether or not those treat an actual ailment is up to you).

The service also provides party supplies delivery as well, from mixers to Beer Pong supplies to wine and beer. Have your ID ready for those last two, however, as they're required to scan it with the delivery of any alcohol or tobacco product - and they don't make exceptions.

Of course, there are a couple of downsides. as with any convenience store, prices for items are going to be a little higher than usual (on top of the delivery fee which, thankfully, is more than reasonable). Also, as a fairly new service, their delivery area is still a bit limited (see below), but that's bound to expand as the business does.

Here are the following service areas and delivery fees, by ZIP code:

Live in 78751, 78752, 78756, 78757, 78759, 78731, 78723, 78722, 78705, 78703 or 78701? Simply tack on a $3 delivery fee to your order (there is a $15 minimum order to deliveries to 78701 and 78759).

Live in 78702, 78704, 78741, 78753, 78758? You're still in luck. This extended service area requires only a $5 delivery fee. However, because of the traffic situation Austin is currently dealing with, they're unable to deliver to these areas on weekdays between 3:30pm and 6:30pm. Delivery to these areas also require a $15 minimum order as well. 

To find out more about what Couch Potato Austin offers (including their dedication to providing locally made products), visit their website or give them a call at 512-410-5299 (LAZY). You can see their selection of items here, but if you need something they don't offer, they can always work with you. After all, they've got the wheels. 


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