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SXSW's Free Events Will Require Passes This Year

SXSW's bonanza of free events will still be free, but will require passes in order to manage crowds.

Thank you, KVUE!

While passes to the many official events of South By Southwest can cost an arm and a leg, festival vets know there are also numerous free events happening at the same time. Well, those free events aren't going away, by any means, but they will require an extra hoop to jump through in order to attend.

If you're interested in attending either the Digital Creative Job Market, the Gaming Expo, the Outdoor Stage at Butler Park, Flatstock 43 or the Music Gear Expo, and you don't have a badge or a wristband, you'll need to pick up a pass. 

According to KVUE News, it's all part of a new security plan Austin Police have in place for SXSW that they're calling Alpha Bravo.

"The thing we're doing differently this year, we'll have the entire police department working, as opposed just those working in the downtown area. That's a first for us,"  former APD Assistant Chief David Carter told the local news outlet.

So, of course, the question is: how does one obtain such a pass. Well, thankfully, it's not that difficult. For starters, you can get a pass at the gate or front door of the event, provided any remain. You can also pick them up ahead of time at the following businesses:

  • Whole Foods
  • Oat Willie's
  • Spec's
  • Game Over Videogames
  • Waterloo Records

Just a reminder, if you already have a badge or a wristband, a pass to these events will not be needed.

Here is the video from the KVUE broadcast:


Headline photo via Flickr Creative Commons


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