5 Great Austin Spots To Catch Out-Of-Market Baseball

It's hard to be a fan of an out of state baseball team in Austin. Here's five of our favorite spots that make it a little easier.

When it comes to sports fans, April is known for two things: the beginning on baseball season and the beginning of getting really anxious for football season to start. Since it's easier to write about the former, that's what we're going to do here.

While born and bred Austinites have two Texas teams to root for (or deny they exist, depending on how they're playing), Austin is also made up of transplants from all over the country. So, if you're a Cleveland Indians fan, you either have to wait for them to play either the Rangers or the Astros to see them on TV or subscribe to the costly (but admittedly awesome) MLB.TV/MLB Extra Innings packages. And you're even more SOL if you're a National League fan.

Thankfully, there are a number of really great Austin bars and restaurants that have signed up for that Extra Innings package already. We've picked five of our favorites and why. However, we have this comments section thing down below which you are more than welcome to use to tell us why our selections suck and/or suggest better ones.

So, in no particular order:

The Black Sheep Lodge - 2108 S. Lamar Blvd - 512-707-2744

The South Lamar area is (or, well... was, anyway) seen as one of the most "Austin" areas of the city. Small businesses, tattoo parlors, head shops and the coolest movie theater in the world could all be found on that stretch of road just south of Downtown.

For baseball fans (or sports fans of any ilk, for that matter), The Black Sheep Lodge- just at the intersection of Lamar and Oltorff- is a dream come true. With over a dozen flat screen TVs across the old-style pub decor, you should have no problem finding a lone TV to catch your game, no matter what other event is going on (unless it's a night that's really crazy busy). The bartenders and waitstaff there are both genuinely friendly and genuine sports fans. Plus, they have one of the best hot dogs in town.

The Local Pub and Patio - 2610 Guadalupe St. - 512-478-2337

Nestled in the UT campus area, The Local takes their name seriously. Decked out with "[c]omfortable sectional couches, coffee tables, low lights, and a staff that knows your name" (The Local employs mind readers apparently), it also has a spacious and comfortable patio (it's in the name) to kick back and enjoy some local brews with friends.

And, also, enjoy your favorite out of market MLB game, as well. This is one of the two most comfortable spots in town to catch a game. The other being...

Brick House Tavern and Tap - 11680 Research Blvd. 78759 - 512-343-2000

There's no shortage of good sports bars in North Austin. Just off the top of our head we can think of Cover 2, Third Base and Pluckers- as well as The Common Interest if you're in the mood to drunkenly sing Pat Benatar songs at karaoke after the game is over.  And while Brick House isn't exactly an Austin exclusive (but, then again, neither is Chuy's, which is right next door to it), it's probably the nicest place (in our opinion) to catch an MLB game.

First, there's the spacious bar area with numerous TV all around it, so no one misses a thing. If you're looking for something a little more relaxing, have a seat at one of their many tables that forgo the usual chairs or benches for couches way more comfortable than anything you have at home. Plus, if you go with a group, be sure to ask about the Three and Five Bong Flights. Trust us. 

Mister Tramp's - 8565 Research Blvd. - 512-8367-3500

Alfredo Cedrone was born in Italy and raised in Scotland before coming to Austin to open Mister Tramps. When the owner of the bar has that kind of backstory, you know you're heading to a pretty special place. 

There's really something for everyone at MT's - fans of all sports and music genres are welcome here and the decor - from rockabilly concert posters to English Premier League memorabilia hanging on the walls. The crown jewel of this establishment, however, is the theater sized projection screen in the back room, perfect for showing a movie, putting on a concert or, yes, broadcasting one of the many MLB games airing that day.

Alfredo may be the most personable Austin restaurant owner since Juan from Juan in a Million. He'll strike up a conversation with you, talk to you for hours with amazing stories and, if you ask, he'll put the St. Louis Cardinals game up on the big big BIG screen. 

The Warehouse Saloon and Billiards - 509 E. Ben White Blvd. - 512-443-8799

It was a toss-up between this and Buffalo Billiards downtown (which is worth checking out, too!) but the edge went to The Warehouse because, on top of their great service and reasonable prices and tons and tons of poll tables, the majority of their TV screens are ENORMOUS.

Now, The Warehouse usually sees a lot of traffic during the NFL season but if you're looking for an amazing place to kick back, have some great drinks, mingle with cool folks and watch MLB players IN ACTUAL SIZE, you can't go wrong with The Warehouse. The only step up that Buffalo has over them is that the Warehouse doesn't have a kitchen. Whatever. Just order a pizza. They don't care. 

AUSTIN BASEBALL FANS! Where are you favorite spots to catch your MLB team of choice? Sounds off below!

Cover photo provided by Johnathan Assink via Flickr Creative Commons


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