Spiderhouse Ballroom To Host Two Shows For Kat Ramzinski

“This is just all you dreamers out there...that if you work hard enough...and sacrifice everything...YOU TOO can get the shit kicked out of you and be on Laughspin!!!” – Kat Ramzinski

Kat Ramzinski was not mugged or attacked on Easter Sunday. She was simply given an extreme make-over by some "professional thugs" who felt it was necessary to decorate her career profile with some serious street cred! At least, this is the kind of perspective Kat has over the situation. Black-eyed, switched hands or not, Kat Ramzinski is a force of inspiration.

I am not big on television; I like to keep my entertainment organic and prefer to support Austin performers. One of my favorite comedy showcases is The Vapid Show at The Spiderhouse Ballroom, hosted by Kat herself and her delicious friend Avery Moore. It is through these shows and others that I have gotten to know these comedians. I had a chance to visit with Kat a few months ago and it was magical. She gave me invaluable advice from one writer to another, shared some war stories, talked about her career, and complimented my own comedic efforts. This is the kind of person Kat is - she has the golden grillz of wisdom, the sensibility of a vato, and a heart of warrior.

Instead of going home to rest after her epic performance at the Moontower Comedy Festival Kat handed out mace to women, attended the after party, and spoke to each person who offered their encouragement and support. She said to me that she would like to start a “comedic-theme defense course for women” here in Austin. Her ability to turn this tragedy into waves of empowerment is overwhelmingly beautiful. The world needs more entertainers like Kat. And this is what I love about the Austin comedy scene - it is one big heartbeat of sexy, diverse, intelligent, creative love. They haven't hesitated to gather themselves together and raise funds for their friend and peer and I am absolutely proud to call myself one of their biggest, strangest, groupies.

Kat's eye was busted up during the scuffle and she needed two metal plates installed into her socket; one to keep her painted brow up and another to support the bottom of her eye like a bra or something. Her surgery went well however she is left with a hefty medical bill and needs your help.

You can help her and treat yourself to one or both of these shows. I promise you will pee your pants and be sent into another dimension. Trust me these people are wizards.


The Spiderhouse Ballroom, located on 2906 Fruth Street, will be hosting two fundraising events for Kat this month:

The Vapid Show, May 5th at 9 pm

$5 bucks for the educated, $2 for those in the process of becoming educated

Line up featuring Derek Phelps, Katie Pengra, and Amber Bixby. These people rocked The Moontower Comedy Festival last week!


Kat Roast: A Beneficial Beatdown of Kat Ramzinski,  May 17, at 7:00 pm

$10 suggested

"Roast Master" Maggie Maye

Line up: Mike Macrae, Brain Gaar, Ramin Nazer, Michael Priest, Amber Bixby, Cody Hustak, Ryan Cownie, Kath Barbadoro, Ralphie Hardesty, Katie Pengra, Lisa Friedrich, Adam Hrabik, DJ DOA, Vanilla Presley, Voltaic Video


Get out of your house, meet some of Austin's funniest people, and support a sweet lady with a lot of love to give!



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