The Joy Lives On! Toy Joy To Reopen Under New Ownership

The iconic Austin toy store to reopen under new management.

It wasn't that long ago that Austinites were mourning the apparent demise of the iconic Toy Joy toy store. Thankfully, like the Twinkee before it, the store has found new ownership and a new lease on life (almost literally, actually).

According to the Austin Business Journal, Wild About Music owner Fred Schmidt purchased the store in an auction for a reported $102,000, That amount purchases the rights to the store and its inventory, but not ownership of the property, which Schmidt will lease from the original owners.

In a press release, Schmidt stated:

"To be clear: I did not intend to purchase another retail store when I woke up on Monday morning, I actually went to the auction with a heavy heart, fearing the potential loss of yet another piece of Austin’s unique character like so many other iconic brands and experiences."

According to a report from Culturemap Austin, previous owners Lizzie Newsome and Trevor Yopp are expected to remain part of the store.

No date has been set for the store reopening, and the new owners are still working on issues with the lease. However, Schmidt has stated that he has no intention of moving the store from its current downtown location.

Toy Joy

403 W. 2nd St.


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