Five DON'Ts of Online Dating

Having no luck with online dating? Wonder if it's something you're doing wrong? It just might be.

Online dating, like actual (non-online) dating, has its own set of rules and etiquette to follow when pursuing potential mates. The first thing these sites tell you is to write a great profile that highlights your personality and strengths. I think this is a great way to start because a picture is just a pretty face, and what's a pretty face without the personality to match? I have been on plenty of different sites, and I have done it for so long, that it's pretty easy to weed out the good profiles from the bad ones.

But what actually makes a bad profile, and how do you not get caught with your profile in the "bad" pile? I have come up with my own list of five DON'Ts when dating online. Let's see if you agree.

1. DON'T brag. Sure we all have things that we are proud of, but where do you draw the line on your profile? If you are proud of graduating college or landing your dream job, go ahead and say it, but don't go on and on about how smart you are and how you make serious amounts of money. Be proud, but humble. No one likes a show off.

2. DON'T post pics showing too much skin. This goes for both men and women. While I do appreciate seeing a nice, tan, perfect set of abs every once in a while, it does not scream "I am looking for someone to date",especially if your entire head is cut off and all we see are abs! As for women, the same thing applies. Don't post pics of yourself in your lowest low-cut shirt with the "girls" hanging out with your tiniest mini-skirt- it gives guys the wrong impression. You can still be cute and sexy, just don't show off all the goods at first glance. Sure you'll get a ton of profile views, but are they really going to be from people you would actually want to date?

3. DON'T use clichés. I love moonlit walks on the beach just as much as the next person, but does that really need to be said? Men, this is mostly for you. I have seen so many profiles with clichés such as the aforementioned one, and it gets old really fast. It's cheesy. It's like some of you have taken a class in Clichés 101 and used every one of them in the first 5 sentences of your profile. You'll get a lot farther if you tell people something unique about yourself instead of what you think they want to hear.


4. DON'T abbreviate words when writing your profile. This is not a silly text to your best friend. It's you, "selling" YOU, and everything that's great about YOU. Don't ruin it with abbreviations, LOLs, U instead of You,4 instead of for- you get the picture. Show that you are intelligent, interesting, and worth getting to know.

5. DON'T choose your dates based on photos alone. Yes, we all love a little eye candy, and who wouldn't want a hot somebody on their arm, but what if that's all they are? If you are looking for JUST that, by all means, have a blast!  But for those that are looking for something that could potentially go long-term, try to base your choices on common interests, personality traits that you are looking for, and common goals. They may not always be your first choice, but they could end up being your best choice. 

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