Obama Talks Tech in Austin

The President visits Austin's growing tech sector.

Official White House Photo by Pete SouzaEarlier this month, Austin received a visit from our nation’s leader, President Barack Obama. His objective: to observe the thriving technological industry that is booming in the heart of Austin. With the city’s advances in applied sciences, manufacturing innovations, and a plethora of technical schools and universities to create employees of such industries, Obama made it abundantly clear that Austin is swiftly becoming a metropolis for hyper-modernization.

During his visit to the Manor New Tech High School, the President stated that “the tech sector now drives more than one-quarter of Austin’s economy” which he claims makes Austin “one of the fastest growing cities in America.” With the recent boom in practical apps for smartphones and tablets, as well as the surge in job opportunities in up-and-coming tech markets, it is impossible to deny the truth in Obama’s words. The Austin Technology Councils states that there are over 100,000 jobs in technology, yet “one-third of the entire Austin workforce are supported by the technology sector.” The report also states “the sector accounts for 21 percent of Central Texas’ gross regional product and contributes $21 billion in direct value in the local economy.”

Having seen the facts and the technology growth in action, Obama publicized two executive actions made to beef up Austin’s financial climate. One will help create investment and innovation opportunities for US-based manufacturers, such as Applied Materials. The other will release government data more freely in an attempt to create more adept research, as well as more jobs.

But it wasn’t all technology and business for ‘ol Obama, as he took time out of his schedule to make a “pit” stop at the iconic barbeque joint, Stubb’s.  There he spoke with local tech entrepreneurs about the future of the city over legendary Texas cuisine.

With this endorsement by Obama, the future of Austin’s technology sector looks to be one that will rapid grow over the next years, creating countless opportunities for careers, as well as a citywide expansion. Who knows, in a few years time, Austin could be the next Silicon Valley.

Maybe not.

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