Signs You are on a Bad Date

Dating is fun, right? Not always.

Dating can be fun. Meeting and getting to know new people is almost always a guaranteed good time, right? Well, not really. Sometimes it just takes that one date- whether it is the first or the fourth, to really ruin things. I know all about dates gone wrong, and I've devised a list of my own personal signs on how to tell if you are on a bad date.


  1. He/ She keeps checking their phone. What could be more interesting than you at that moment in time? Dates can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable at first, but if your date can't focus their attention on you, at the very least, for an hour or two, look for someone who can.


  1. He/ She is constantly talking about their ex. If your date can't complete a sentence or thought without mentioning his/her ex, it's not going to end well. Move on to someone who will devote their attention to your potential future together and not stay stuck in the past.

  1. He/ She asks to split the check. This may not seem like a big deal if it's a third or fourth date, but if it's a first date, it's not a good sign. You may have not had the best date ever, but it is just courteous for the person who asked you out to pickup the tab.          
  1. Other people notice your bad time, and come up to you to comment on it. This has actually happened to me. I was on a date once, and the guy had gotten up to go to the restroom. The waitress had noticed that I was not having a good time and came by to apologize! She said she was sorry that I was having a bad time, and actually brought me a bigger beer (at no extra charge) to help me get through the rest of the date. Her words exactly, “You’re gonna need it!” Sad, but true.


  1. He/ She gets super drunk. Having drinks on a date isn't a bad thing- it helps take the edge off a little bit, but I do not suggest getting sloppy drunk.  If your date decides that sloppy drunk is the way to go, that's like telling you that the alcohol is more interesting, and he/she is having a lot more fun getting acquainted with IT instead of you.


Consider yourself lucky if only one of these things happens or has happened while on a date. I knew I was on a REALLY bad date when he did ALL the things I just listed, and all in ONE date. Well, at least I got one good thing out of it, and that was this article!



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