Five Sure-Fire Ways to Land a Second Date in Austin

Five simple ways to keep your first date in Austin wanting more....

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First dates can be overwhelming, scary, and nerve-wracking, but if they weren’t any of those things, they would be no fun. We don’t always get a second chance to make a first impression, and sometimes we don’t want it, but for those who do, I’ve devised my own list of ways that can (almost) guarantee a second date. Let’s see if you agree:

5.) Be Outspoken.

Nothing is worse than awkward silence when on a date. Chances are you are both a little nervous, but don’t let that deter you from showing your date that you are interesting and talkative. Keep the conversation light and breezy, and the rest of your date should go the same way.


Tip: If your words just don't come out right, let the words of others help. Spider House showcases Austin Poetry Slam every Tuesday night. Your date is sure to be impressed!

4.) Be Funny.

Who doesn't love someone with a sense of humor? Most people are naturally funny, and don't even really have to try. Show your date that you are one of them.

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Tip: Not feeling witty or comical? No problem! Cap City Comedy Club is the perfect place to keep your date laughing and smiling. You're sure to win major brownie points with this one!

3.) Be Interested.

I'd advise speaking with your date prior to actually going out on this one. Find out what their interested in, and do your research to plan an extra special date. There's nothing more impressive than showing your date that you did your homework, and are ready to show off what you learned.

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Tip: Have a creative and artsy type for a date? Austin Museum of Art- Arthouse always has cool and interesting exhibits that make for fun conversations with your date.

2.) Be Confident.

Nothing is sexier than someone with confidence. Stand tall and show just how confident you are. It shows your date that you are sure of yourself without being full of yourself. Stay humble, but also exude the kind of confidence that makes your date proud to be with someone like you!

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Tip: Want to really shine and show your date that you are one of a kind? The Common Interest Karaoke Bar and Grill, "Austin's Original Karaoke Bar", has just the platform you need. Grab a mic and sing your heart out!

1.) Be Yourself.

This is the most important and easiest of the list. Your date already likes you because they have accepted going on a date with YOU, and it’s likely that you were just being yourself at the time you asked them out. Try to impress, but don’t overdo it to the point of no return. Remember, whatever you did before worked, so just keep doing it.

Good luck! I hope your second date turns into many more!


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