5 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Austinites

Austin is home to its fair share of celebrities, but here's a list of famous people you may not have realized called our city home.

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As a city that encourages individuality and creativity, it's no surprise that Austin is home to numerous celebrities. From legendary musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughan to movie stars like Sandra Bullock, the city that strives to keep it weird both breeds and attracts creative and skilled individuals. 

But there's a number of famous folks who've called Austin home at one time or another that you may not be aware of. Sure, when you see Matthew McConaughey, you could certainly think "well, of course he's from Austin," but these celebrities' ties to the Texas capital are not quite as apparent.


5. Walter Cronkite - Legendary TV Anchorman

Once called "the mos Trusted Man in America," this icon of television news actually lived in Kansas City as an adult. However, the man that most Americans got their news from in the '60s and '70s went to college at the University of Texas in Austin, enrolling in 1933.

While in Austin, he wrote for The Daily Texan and also appeared in school theatrical productions with fellow students Eli Wallach and Ann Sheridan. Although best known for his contributions to journalism, there is no doubt the time spent in the Texas capital influenced him greatly.

4. Tucker Max - Author and Professional Douchebag

Say what you want about Tucker Max -- one of the co-founders of the overtly sexist and misogynist writing style known as "fratire" -- the guy certainly has an audience. A former law student and self-proclaimed "asshole," Max first rose to fame with blog entries on, where he posted outlandish stories of his drunken exploits.

His first collection of short stories, "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell," later became a New York Times bestseller and a Hollywood movie. The film is partially based on a story in the book where Max and friends visit Austin for a weekend. Just don't actually try any of the crude stunts they pull in that movie -- you'll end up in jail, or worse. 

3. Dabney Coleman - Actor

At 81 years old, Mr. Coleman may not be particularly familiar with some of our younger readers. Make no mistake about it, however, Dabney had roles in dozens of classic Hollywood films over the years.

Born in Austin in 1932, Coleman would go on to star in "The Towering Inferno" with Steve McQueen (the coolest man to ever live), "WarGames" with Matthew Broderick and the low-life boss of the working girls in "9 to 5." He was last seen as a regular on the HBO hit series "Boardwalk Empire."

2. Drew Brees - NFL Quarterback for the New Orleans Saints

For many residents of Austin, the fact that this Super Bowl MVP calls this city home is no surprise. While born in Dallas, Brees went to Westlake High School where he was named Texas High School 5A Most Valuable Offensive Player in 1996. It was his time playing football in Austin that led him to playing football for Purdue then heading to the NFL and then winning the Super Bowl and them, most importantly, starring in commercials for NyQuil.

1. Farrah Fawcett - Actress, Humanitarian and Sex Symbol

Once again, some of our younger readers may not be familiar with the original "Charlie's Angels" (the TV show, not the movies that tried to convince you Demi Moore is still relevant), but that's where Fawcett found true fame. Born in Corpus Christi, Fawcett attend the University of Texas in Austin from 1965 to 1968. Even then, it was clear lots of eyes were on her: Fawcett was named one of the "ten most beautiful co-eds on campus" in her first year at UT, the first time a freshman garnered the title.

It's easy to see why she won that award, too: a poster of Fawcett wearing a bathing suit in "Charlie's Angels" later went on to sell over 12 million copies, cementing her in Hollywood lore as a legendary sex symbol. Sadly, Fawcett passed away from cancer in 2009, but her gorgeous figure and beautiful smile still adorns the walls of mechanics' garages and homes of middle aged men everywhere.


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