How Well Do You Know Austin's Animals?

Take the Urban Critter Quiz and see how much you know about our quirky ecosystem.

You may think you’re pretty savvy about Austin animals because you know the difference between a grackle and a crow. You’re probably aware of our city’s feral parakeet population. And of course you’ve been down to the Congress Avenue bridge to watch our beloved bats take wing at sunset.

But do you know where to find Austin’s other fauna? From dinosaurs to giant rabbits, the city teems with unusual animals. See how many of these locals are familiar to you. (Answers are at the bottom of the page. No peeking!)

Ready? Go!

1. This blast from the past hangs out in one of Austin’s most popular green spots.

Photo by Casey Kelly-Barton


2. Be careful where you grab that garden gate.

Photo by Casey Kelly-Barton


3. Kitty cat here guards a hot spot for visitors to the UT campus.

Photo by Casey Kelly-Barton


4. The only critter in this quiz that actually moves--you can usually find him in one favorite spot.

Photo by Casey Kelly-Barton


5. Make your own bigger-in-Texas joke here—while you run the other direction.

Photo by Casey Kelly-Barton


6. There’s just no escaping the giant local creepy crawlies.

Photo by Casey Kelly-Barton


7. Giant yellow rabbit with a skateboard. You know where this guy hangs out, right?

Photo by Casey Kelly-Barton


8. If you’ve been anywhere near Barton Springs and Lamar, you’ve probably seen this T-rex.

Photo by Casey Kelly-Barton


1. Dinosaur sculpture in Hartman Prehistoric Garden
2. Snake on gate in Zilker Botanical Garden
3. Sabertooth cat outside the Texas Memorial Museum
4. Peacocks at Mayfield Park
5. Scorpion at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
6. Aragog at Wonko’s Games near Anderson Mill
7. and 8. Course hazards at Peter Pan Mini Golf

How to interpret your score:

6-8: You’re an authentic Austin animal expert.
3-5: Nice job, but you’ll want to log more time in the field
0-2: Welcome, greenhorn! Use this article as your guide to exploring the city’s wild spots.

Photos: Casey Kelly-Barton


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