Five Fun Picks for Halloween Night in Austin

No plans for Halloween, yet? Check out these five fun things to do around the city on the scariest night of the year...

Halloween is easily one of my most favorite days of the year, and with Austin always “keeping it weird”, there is definitely an extra dose of “weird” creeping around the city on Halloween night. Here in Austin, Halloween is always an epic one no matter what you do. I never know what to do because there are just so many things to choose from, but I’ve managed to narrow it down to a list of five things that I think will satisfy anyone’s craving for a ghoulish evening out in Austin. Let’s see what you think.

5. Get Ghostly with Austin Ghost Tours

Photo: The Driskill Hotel. Flickr Creative Commons.

Explore some of Austin’s most haunted places downtown, including the most haunted hotel in Texas, The Driskill, and quench your curiosity with stories of the supernatural. Your personal tour guide will lead you through the haunted halls of each establishment, and you’ll hear stories that you won’t soon forget. Choose the tour you want to take, grab some friends, and head out. Austin Ghost Tours is the real deal. Are you ready?

4. Test Your Bravery at the House of Torment

If haunted houses are your thing on Halloween, the House of Torment is the mother of them all. This haunted house is not for the faint of heart. The lines are long, but it’s worth the wait. The screams of terror you will hear while waiting are just enough to get you to think twice about going in. With 20,000 square feet of horror, how can you pass it up?

3. Quote-Along with Ghostbusters at Alamo Drafthouse

Photo: Alamo Drafthouse Quote-Along. Flickr Creative Commons.

Looking for a more laid-back, less “that-scared-the-bejesus-of-out-me” kind of night? There’s nothing better than an Alamo Drafthouse Quote-Along! And this year, the Drafthouse is featuring the 80’s classic, Ghostbusters. “Who ya gonna call?” Call some friends, or gather the family for a fun-filled Halloween evening!

2. Follow Alice Down the Rabbit Hole

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons.

I LOVE dressing up for Halloween. I think I’ve probably dressed up in costume more as an adult than I ever did as a child, and I know I’m not the only one. I’m a sucker for a good costume party, and when the theme is Alice in Wonderland, well how can anyone not want to go to it? This year, Rio on W. Sixth is hosting just such a party! Dust off that Mad Hatter hat I KNOW you have in your closet, follow the rabbit, and don’t be late!

1. People-Watch on Sixth Street

Photo: Halloween on Sixth. Flickr Creative Commons.

While people-watching on Sixth Street on any given night is an experience in itself, Halloween night brings out the best-of-the-best. Thousands of people gather in the middle of the infamous Sixth, and everyone is having a great time. I guarantee you will see some of the most creative, funniest, and scariest costumes you have ever seen. Even though the bars are busy, most people are walking down the street showing off their cool costume, and taking pictures with complete strangers. There is nothing quite like Halloween night on Sixth Street, and if you’ve never been, I encourage you to go. It will definitely be a night you won’t forget.

No matter what you do this year, have a safe and Happy Halloween!


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