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Free Fun Friday - Fill Up Your Weekend Without Emptying Your Wallet

Here's a look at some things to do this weekend in town that won't cost you an arm and a leg - or just about anything, for that matter.

One of the best things about living in Austin, besides the awesome music, great weather and a never ending parade of hipsters to point and laugh at, is the fact that it doesn't cost a lot of money to have a good time here. That's why, with the help of our friends at Free Fun In Austin and Do512.com, we've got a list of cool stuff to do for just about everybody - and none of them cost a dime.

All these events are subject to change, so be sure to check the links for updates.

Got kids...?

Source: Flickr Creative Commons

Mueller Movies In Your Park presents Disney's Peter Pan -
Friday, 6:30pm-9pm
Mueller Lake Park Amphitheater, 4550 Mueller Blvd, Austin 78723

Bring blankets, some snacks and the kids for a night of free activities and a free movie. Activities start at 6:30 and the movie begins once the sun goes down. 

Love animals...?

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Saturday, 10am-4pm
Phase 1 of The Domain, 11410 Century Oaks Terrace, Austin 78758

Are you interested in helping out canines in need? Or, maybe you just like dressing up like a wiener dog? Well, either way, KXAN is helping sponsor the 6th annual Dogtoberfest, will all sorts of dog-related events to support Dog Rescue. The event is free to attend, although some activities require a fee or donation of some sort.

Wanna see some art...?

Source: Mexic-Arte Museum Website

Mexic-Arte Museum
Sunday, 12pm-5pm
Mexic-Arte Museum, 419 Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78701.

Since 1984, the Mexic-Arte museum has dedicated itself to showcasing the art and culture of the people of Mexico and other Latin American countries. You can get a free look this, and every, Sunday. 

Love music AND film...?


Austin Indie Flix Music Showcase
Friday, starting at 6pm
Stompin' Grounds Coffee & Cocktail Lounge

Come by and listen to some great local music (such as Texas Renegade, Friday Avenue and Jon English) while mingling with folks involved in Austin's indie film scene. Admission is free.

Love movies AND supporting local businesses...?

Source: Vulcan Video

3rd Annual Independent Video Store Day
Saturday, starting at 10am
Vulcan Video 
112 W Elizabeth St.
 609 W. 29th St.

There used to be a time, well before Netflix and Redbox - even well before chains like Blockbuster (those were kind of like Redbox except they took up entire buildings and had unhappy people working in them) - where you would go to a video store owned by an actual person. While a slowly dying breed, these stores still exist and, much like the independent record stores, there's a day picked out to celebrate these beacons of movie fandom.

This year, the two Vulcan Video locations are celebrating with the following

  • Free beer!
  • Half-off late fees
  • Sales on posters, BOGO DVD sales, $5 Vulcan Video t-shirts and other limited edition merch
  • Raffles spotlighting Vulcan's local business neighbors
  • Free dog treats for the kids... er, dogs
  • Did we mention free beer?

Other surprises could be in store, so keep checking the link above and come on by on Saturday and join in on the fun!

Be sure to always check our Events Page to see what else is going on in town whenever you have a hankering for something to do!


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